The Division of Neurogeriatrics treats all neurological disorders with an emphasis on neurodegenerative disease such as dementia and movement disorders including Parkinson's disease. Our goals are to offer and to advance specific care concepts for patients with neurodegenerative disease. The inpatient area is supplemented by outpatient services that include a Parkinson's and movement disorder clinic, a memory clinic, a neuropsychological lab, an epilepsy clinic and a headache clinic.

Our division is actively involved in research which aims to prevent and treat neurodegenerative diseases. We are leaders in developing care concepts for patients with cognitive decline and movement disorders and have a prominent position in the international research network.

By actively integrating students in areas beyond their diploma theses, we help prepare them for a university career.

Reinhold Schmidt

"Elderly people with neurological disease require multimodal and holistic treatment and care. This care must address medical as well as functional, psychological, cognitive and social aspects of the disease in order to achieve the greatest autonomy and best reintegration of the patients entrusted to us."

Reinhold Schmidt, Head of Division


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